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Free Ressources

I strongly believe that money shouldn't be a barrier to health or happiness. This page is part of my dedication to provide free information to anyone who is interested in developing a varied, sustainable, embodied physical practice. These principles are the ones I have found to be most effective and useful based on my own research and on the physical application of what I have found into my own movement practice and my teaching. I therefore must emphasise that this is all they are: ideas that I am sharing, options to play with and thoughts that I hope may be of some use to you.

Please start here:

You are your own teacher, and when to ignore my ideas


Strength & Flexibility

Functional Strength Patterns

Myths of Strength Training

Understanding Reps, Sets & Volume

Flexibility: the Big 5

Understanding Flexibility

How much variability do you need?

Knowing when to stop building

Skills and Practices

Unlocking the Deep Squat

Learning to Fall

Swing like an Ape

Acrobatic Foundations



The Art of Play

Fear and the Heart-Gut Connection

When injuries happen...

Should you be failing?

Accepting vs Perfecting

Just WHY ? (no rhyme or reason)

Where movement fails and music succeeds

The 10 Deadly Movement Sins

Quality over Quantity

Open and Closed Focus

Complex vs Complicated


12 tips for sleep

Are you getting enough protein?

Sunlight Exposure

Cold Showers and Ice Baths

Simple Eating Guidelines

Are you getting enough rest?

Mindfulness vs fire gazing

Soft Life, Slow Life

A journalling practice

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