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Weekly Group Classes

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















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Summer Sessions

Over the summer season, from June to September, sessions will take place outside to make the most of the sunlight, blue skies and soft grassy ground. We'll be using King George's Park, just near Southside Shopping Centre, meeting at the playground.

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The art of handstands is a beautiful practice that opens up many possibilities for moving in new ways. Alongside strengthening the upper body and improving balance, this practice gives us a fascinating insight into confidence and fear, into falling and failing, and into the discipline of consistent and focussed practice.

The class is open level so students can work on each element at their own rate and is ideal for beginners who are just starting out, all the way to intermediate students working towards a 60 second freestanding handstand (more advanced students may wish to enquire about 1:1 coaching).

Gymnastic Strength

Strength ​is truly the foundation behind making movement happen: it is your potential for action. Gymnastic strength focusses on quality of movement and range of motion to build resilient, capable and skilful movement.

🟡 Pull Ups, Skin the Cat & Ring Muscle Ups

🔴 Push Ups, Dips & Handstand Push Ups

🔵 Cossack Squats, Pancake Splits & Straddle Ups

🟢 Arching, Bridge Rotations and Walkovers



The art of acrobatics is, at even the most basic level, an amazing tool for developing full body power and coordination.


Through learning how to roll, jump, arch and invert we can develop a mobile and adaptable body and find the joy of moving freely, on your own and with others.

🟡 Movement Games to develop adaptability

🔴 Mobility work to prepare and open the body

🔵 Basic acrobatic patterns to practice key skills 

🟢 Sequences and Improvisation to play and explore

I strongly believe that the most fulfilling physical practice must combine a balance of:

  • a strong feeling of community, connection and play

  • a disciplined and independent practice.


My intention in my group classes is to create a space within which we can each work at our own pace and yet also share our discoveries, frustrations and successes together.

Group classes are focussed on the 3 pillars of:

Preparation of the Body: strengthening and mobilising

Isolation: breaking down and learning specific skills

Integration: curiosity driven exploration of skills through play

Concession Prices are available on request for students and movement artists/dancers/performers. Message me for more details.

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