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Past Events


October 2023

Do you remember what it feels like to move without fear of injury, without worrying about failing or falling? Do you want to experience the freedom of learning to trust your body, to be able to take risks and know that you know how to land, fall and roll safely?


This 5-week intensive course covered a mixture of non-linear strength, rolling and falling practice and outdoor practice exploring foundations in climbing, balancing, height exposure and vaulting. By working step by step to learn to develop physical intelligence and confidence moving in complex ways, students are able to unlock a more playful and carefree movement style. Our approach is centred on the belief that comfort and confidence grows when the body feels safe, rather than pushing students to do "scary" things that stimulate fear reactions and feelings of fight or flight.



August 2023

Do you remember what it feels like to move without fear of injury, without worrying about failing or falling? Do you want to experience the freedom of learning to trust your body, to be able to take risks and know that you know how to land, fall and roll safely?

Our first ever FEARLESSNESS event, a collaboration with Fitness Renaissance, explored moving with confidence through the lens of Parkour, evasion games and play-fighting.

WAYS - Brussels

23rd May 2023 - CLOSED EVENT

A 5 hour workshop focussed on developing strong foundations in acrobatic flow, through the context of improvisation. The first half focussed on specific techniques as well as conditioning work specific to each of the movements, while the second half took a more exploratory approach, looking at the integration of patterns and use of acrobatics in partner work and improvised performance contexts.


London Climbing Festival

HarroWall 6th & 7th May 2023

I will be delivering 5 workshops at this year's London Climbing Festival at HarrowWall in London alongside a wonderful array of climbing coaches and other exciting events.


Strength through Play

Animal Flow

Intro to Handstands

Flexibility for Climbers

Moving past Fear

Friday 27th January 6-8pm

This workshop will be focussed on overcoming fear in kicking up to handstand. Whether you can kick up to the wall but find yourself holding back when that safety net is taken away, or whether you can’t (yet!) kick up even with the wall there to support you, this workshop will be a space to explore where that fear comes from and how to address it.

Early bird £25 per person (before 01/01/23)

Regular Price £50 / Concession £35


Back to the Ground

September 24th 2022

"Back to the Ground: Movement Games" is the first of a series of workshops in collaboration with Fitness Renaissance. We will be exploring natural movement, coordination games, roughhousing and locomotion.

The Gut Heart Connection

London Climbing Festival - 7th May 2022

This workshop focussed on a practice of embodied mindfulness, exploring how we can tap into our senses and interoceptive experience (internal bodily sensations) to help us regulate and manage fear, adrenaline and commitment when climbing. This practice is relevant to climbers of all levels: whether you’re a newbie who is working on overcoming a fear of heights or a more advanced climber working on more challenging routes - knowing when to hold back and when to commit is key for sustaining an injury free practice.


Mobility Through Play

London Climbing Festival - 7th May 2022

This workshop will provide you with games and tools that you can use in your warm up to develop functional range for adaptable hips and shoulders. When we practice strict poses or stretches we hit only one angle of stretch in our muscles, whereas when we climb we need to be able to hit every angle. This is where play comes in. By working in a dynamic and playful way with a partner, you will find yourself stretching in ways you might never have tried on your own. Build a strong, resilient and bendy body to take you further on the wall.

Intro to AcroYoga

London Climbing Festival - 7th May 2022

Acroyoga is a fun and playful practice, but also one that involves the development of trust and good verbal and non verbal communication skills. Sharing this practice, whether with a friend or a partner, is a wonderful way to connect and laugh together. In this workshop we’ll work on key lifting techniques and searching for balance together, as well as breath techniques for finding flow and connection together in movement.


ReWild & ReVive

February 2022

A full day immersive outdoor workshop exploring primal movement and reconnection to nature in collaboration with John Sawney & Cat Jones and finishing with a breathwork and wild swimming session led by Wim Hof instructor Jack Friddle. Expect tree climbing, partner games and belly laughter alongside quiet reflection and sensory exploration. Set in a beautiful Nature Reserve just outside London.

Partnering and Microbatics

August 2021

@ Tripspace

Intermediate Level Workshop.

3 hours delving into soft acrobatics including cartwheel variations and the tsinsica, macaco and QDR elbow lever. We explored the line between practice and play and how we can use partner games to push ourselves into finding new pathways and movements in and out of the floor.


Acroyoga and Partnering

February 2020

Exploring basic principles of counterbalance, building trust and developing techniques for non verbal cuing and communication. Learning techniques for falling safely and for good spotting. 

Animal Flow Course

January 2020

In this 4-part short workshop series, we worked our way through the level 1 animal flow curriculum, breaking down core moves and giving students tools to continue exploring on their own as they learned to build their own flows. 

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Handstand Workshop

September 2019

This workshop covered the foundations behind the handstand inculding the pre-requisite conditioning and mobility work needed, wall drills and confidence in falling out of a handstand. 

Move and Play

September 2019

This workshop was focussed on partner games using a variety of basic tools (balls, sticks and ropes) to develop mobility and strength in a playful way. 

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