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1:1 Private Coaching

in London and online

Personalised movement coaching, massage therapy, mindfulness and nutrition

Who is this for?

I look for students who already have some investment in a physical practice but who feel they want extra support to delve deeper into that practice.

Students should be willing to commit to at least an hour of daily practice, and to be involved and independent in their learning. Asking questions and bringing problems to the table to work on is encouraged. The goal is for me to support you as we figure things out together.


What do I teach?

Every program is personalised, but students should be open to exploring a wide variety of different styles of work: strength training, mobility practices, coordination games, agility practice, handstands, soft acrobatics, cardio training, breathwork and environmental practices (such as rail work, tree climbing or parkour) and could involve a combination of physical work, mindset or mindfulness practices, or lifestyle coaching to optimise your diet, sleep or lifestyle.


1 session per month - £85 pm

2 sessions per month - £150 pm

4 sessions per month - £ 250 pm

Weekly PT + group classes - £ 350 pm

Online Programming - £175pm

Memberships include:

  • flexible coaching options: either via video submissions or face-to-face

  • a detailed program for your personal practice

  • access to a video library of movement patterns  

  • discounts on group classes, workshops and retreats


Apply Now

In order to ensure my teaching is of the highest quality, I only work with a maximum of 12 students at a time.

You do NOT need any particular level or ability to start working with me, I choose my students based on their motivation and on how their interests align with what I am passionate about.

Click below to fill out your student application form.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email at

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