Hello, and welcome!


I'm Sam Tyson, and I'm a Movement Coach

My desire to teach movement and mindfulness stems from my own passion for them. I've studied many disciplines, from martial arts to ultra endurance to contemporary dance to climbing... I’m always looking to learn something new and I love working with my students to figure things out.

You’ll usually find me climbing a tree or the side of a building, upside down in a park or losing myself in nature. My life philosophy comes down to joy and simplicity: I do the things I love and look for quality over quantity.

Group Training

I strongly believe that the most fulfilling physical practice must combine a strong feeling of community, connection and play, alongside a rich, introspective, focussed self practice. My intention in my group classes and workshops is to create a space within which we can learn and practice together.


Private Coaching

For students who want to go further in their practice beyond group training, I have some availability for private students.


I look for students who already have some investment in a physical practice, no matter the discipline, but who feel they want extra support to delve deeper into that practice. This could be through a combination of physical work, mindset or mindfulness practices, or lifestyle coaching to optimise your diet, sleep or lifestyle.



Pat Barlow

Sam’s level of coaching is fantastic - the attention to detail, and quality of his teaching (particularly on technique) is super-high... It’s also great fun working with him (also important on choosing your trainer!). His background in Movement (particularly Dance) shines through, and is helpful in demonstrating/showing how to execute a move - and although the quality of Sam’s movement is very high, this means you see the highest-quality demonstration but he’s able to break it down and communicate it brilliantly to Beginners. He’s also great at managing your expectations of yourself and what you can do/achieve within a realistic timescale. Quite frankly I’d recommend Sam to anybody! :-)


David Lawrence

I have been training with Sam since 2019. Sam is inspiring, caring and proffesional. Sam has been a huge help in creating scaleable and enjoyable programmes that work around my busy schedule. His sessions are always rewarding, intresting and fun. I have attended both his group and 121 sessions and I would highly recommend both approaches to anyone looking to get strong, fit, flexible and in touch with there body.


Romain Russo

I have worked with Sam for over 8 months and had and still having a wonderful experience. I love the way we train, using your body strength rather than weights, doing all kind of movements inspired from animal flow to yoga and more as well as when needed doing meditation together. Sam has this pure, original and holistic approach which was perfect for me. Sam has also great technics as a ballet dancer, a climber etc that can fit anyone’s style or wish to improve your body conditions. One thing special to me I want to mention is that as I have a few health conditions with back and hip issues, Sam has been very good in putting a program together for me and being very attentive and responsive to any development or progress to help me as best as possible. There is no doubt I would recommend Sam to everyone interested in exploring personal training that offers a lot more than traditional PT out there.