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The Deadly Sins of Movement Students

1. Jumping from one class to the next, one teacher to the next, one system or program to the next

(shiny object syndrome = no consistency)

BUT ALSO… sticking to one class only, one system for ever or trusting a single teacher’s opinion without getting second opinions. We need some variability as well.

2. Doing ALL the movements, learning ALL the skills, taking ALL the classes

(not being able to choose = overworking and not exploring anything in depth)

BUT ALSO… sticking to just one move or skill (eg. Only focussing on handstands), only working on one attribute (only working on strength or only working on cardio), or ignoring body parts (eg. only training arms, no core or lower body). We need to think holistically and mix it up ENOUGH to work across the board.

3. Endlessly planning (and replanning) the “perfect” program.

You need to make the first pancake and the first pancake always fails. (Never getting started = never getting where you want to be)

BUT ALSO… not planning, trying the first thing you find on the internet or copying a celebrity’s magazine workout without reflecting or personalising the program to meet your own needs. You need to think at least a bit (or get a coach) to make a good plan. But then just get on with it for a while, give it time to work before adapting it.

AND ALSO… refusing to change the program if your needs change, being too stubborn to listen to your body or to a system that isn’t working. If you get injured (or you’re not seeing results after a serious time of commitment…) it’s time to rewrite the program.

4. Pursuing SKILLS without conditioning

(Trying learn skills without preparing the body first = high likelihood of injury or at the very best a frustrating skill practice where you don’t see progress)

BUT ALSO… pursuing skills without training the skills… no matter how strong you are, skills won’t just manifest if you don’t practice and fail a few times. No skill is learned without trial and error.

Feeling overwhelmed by all these deadly sins?

Unsure what rules to follow?

In my next post I will offer a few simple rules for beginners to follow that will get you where you need to go.

But what about if you’re confused but not a beginner?
Well, If you’re a little more advanced, you need more advanced help! Send me a message for private coaching and we can knock down those more lofty goals.

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