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You can’t do it all

I’ve got some bad news…

You can’t DO IT ALL…

You can’t do everything perfectly…

You can’t fit everything in or get everything done…

Well… I certainly can’t anyway!(perhaps you have super powers to help you?) For every choice you make, every option you choose, you turn down all other options. every action is therefore a non-doing of everything else that would have been possible prior to making that choice. And to choose to truly achieve perfection in any activity, one must give up almost everything else, sacrifice all the other options to devote all our time to this task with our full capacity, thereby automatically being less than perfect at everything else.


Does this idea make you feel frustrated, anxious or depressed? I actually think this could be quite liberating!

If you can’t do everything, then what you choose becomes really important. Your priorities determine what your life is like, what you spend time doing, and what you achieve. So you need to know what your priorities are!

Do you value your work as more or less important than spending time with your friends? Do you value social gatherings as more or less important than your sleep? Do you value finances more or less than your health? How about a relationship? How about your family?

There’s no right or wrong here.

What you choose to value should determine how you spend your time. It should help you to say NO to things you value less and YES to the things you really care about.


The good news is that if you prioritise what you value, even though you can’t do everything, you feel like you’re getting it all, because you DO have everything that matters to you.

That’s what I’ve found in my own life anyway, so maybe it’s actually good news after all…?

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